We use the collective ambition of educators, researchers and community leaders to prepare young, Bridge Ready males for success in life. Our college support program focuses on three key outcomes for these young men: We want them to be retained in their colleges, we want them to graduate in four to six years, and we want to know that once they graduate, they’ll be successful and competitive in the global economy.

Two main problems faced by Bridge Ready’ males are ‘Stopping out’ and ‘dropping out’. Stopping out occurs when a student encounters academic, personal or family difficulties after the first semester or first year of college. They will often take time off with the intention of coming back to school, but either delay or give up their return. Others who face more difficult academic challenges will often give up entirely and drop out.

These are the students that we seek to help. They’re so close to a diploma – they just need the skills to succeed in that first year in college and support as they continue. We want them to remain, thrive and graduate.