The best college completion program starts in early childhood.

Through the collective ambition of our team of practioners, researchers, entrepreneurial experts and others, we aim to assist Bridge Ready males to become intellectually voracious, civically engaged and economically viable.

We use the term Bridge Ready rather than refer to disadvantaged, challenged, or under-represented males, because it reflects how B2S thinks about our target audience. We believe Bridge Ready students are ripe with the potential to achieve success and we look to unlock that opportunity.

Our research indicates that several factors have a significant impact on the success of boys and young men. In particular, we seek to develop programming that is framed by our four fundamental core values: protection, affection, connection, correction.1,2 Finally, our program is unique in that it seeks to implement programing over the entire life course of these males, from early childhood to career. At Bridges 2 Success, we know that the best college completion program begins as an early childhood education program – followed by enrichment programs, supportive role models and strong core values throughout the academic life of the Bridge Ready student. Within this section, we will illustrate the various bridges to success that frame the innovation of our organization at every step of development. If there are no cracks to slip through, no student will falter.

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