Bridges 2 Success is an innovation hub for universities, schools, childcare providers, teachers, coaches, donors and corporate sponsors working together to create strategies for academic success of Bridge Ready boys and young men. We focus on the interconnection of primary academic supports from cradle to career.

Over the past 30 years, public education in America has become undervalued. Consequently, the bar has been lowered when it comes to defining success. At Bridges 2 Success, we’re determined to stop the hypocrisy of low expectations. We’re moving Bridge Ready males from personal standards of mediocrity to personal standards of excellence. We’re helping schools be better prepared to help students succeed.

Research shows that children who succeed out of a vulnerable environment typically have someone in their lives with the savvy to connect them with institutions and role models outside of those environments.

We call this ‘bridging social capital.’ The more diverse your networks are, the better off you’re going to be in life. Bridges 2 Success connects the young men in our program with a diverse array of institutional and global resources, which allows them to compete strongly in the global economy. Students who are most likely to succeed are embedded in ‘mediating institutions’ that encourage them to pursue avenues of social and economic mobility and discourage them from engaging in dysfunctional behaviors.

At Bridges 2 Success, we equip young men with the tools to control their own destiny. We call this ‘agency’ – figuring out how to navigate the landscape, draw upon available resources and determine the kinds of resources they need to succeed. Our Bridge Ready boys and young men have the critical skills, the thinking skills and the connections that will take them far in life.